5 Tips to Automate your Email Marketing

July 20, 2019, 7:12 a.m.

With a massive ROI of about $32 on every $1 dollar, it is evident that email campaigns are notably one of the pivotal facets of the digital marketing landscape. Not surprisingly, as with all technologies of old, malleability and evolution is fast becoming a game-changing facet for this marketing strategy. 

The merge of automation and email marketing is poised to set the tone for the online marketing structure. As a result, smart companies are starting to adopt the power of personalized, timely and relevant messages in driving traffic and conversion rates. 

In this article, we explore the various ways your email campaigns can be automated for better site effectiveness. 

5 Tips on Getting Started with Automating Your Email Marketing 

It is no news that the digital marketing world is fast-paced. So, to stay in the race and thrive in the competitive landscape, it is important to embrace the power wielded by automation. Here, we look at some of the ways you could effect the best email marketing automation.

1. Categorize Your Subscribers

As a marketer, it is imperative that you do not just go blasting messages and offers to subscribers without gauging their interest. It is likely to get you more negative responses than referrals. 

Even though it is not easy to anticipate the needs of your customers, tracking customer behavior through products interest, locations as well as how they got to know about your business helps you to categorize your subscribers.

Luckily, many email marketing software programs are equipped with various segmentation tools that are developed to categorize your customers according to certain trends. As such, you get to increase the probability of higher click-through and open rates for your site while subsequently increasing your conversion rates.

2. Customize Your Messages

It is hardly any news that good customer engagement goes a long way to foster effective customer-producer relationships. Customizing your messages to make your customers feel connected to you in a way is undoubtedly one of the best email marketing automation strategies known to breed faster conversion rates.

Sending automated welcome messages to new subscribers and giving them other exclusive offers on your list makes them feel connected to your brand in various ways. According to statistics, a good welcome email gets an average open rate of 84%.

Hence, a great automation tip would be to personalize your messages or structure them such that they include individual names or, at the very least, the brand or company’s name. Also, sending out timely re-engagement emails after a period of prolonged absence or registration confirmation messages are great email automation examples that drive conversion.

3. Highlight the Suitable Automation Service Providers

Evaluating the range of service providers for your workflow is important. It is important to highlight the services they offer and how best they fit with your business plans and budget. This ensures continuity which is needed for brand consistency upon launch.

You could choose to use a free and open source marketing automation service, which, in most cases, provides free versions of tools with hopes of an upgrade in the future. However, when settling for dynamic campaigns and analytics, a mid-tier or enterprise marketing cloud service provider are the right channels to tune to.

4. Customize your Messages for Scanners

Most people don’t have the time to read email campaigns thoroughly. A larger percentage of them just scan through the entire volume for important or relevant offers that could pique their interest. 

This is why it is important for marketers using automated messages to structure their messages in such a way that the emails are streamlined to important, eye-catching and juicy offers. 

5. Evaluate the Metrics

Though most email marketing automation tools give you details on the related metrics, it is important that you go beyond this to go through the fundamentals of the metrics. So, ultimately, going through the rudiments such as the click-through rates, open rates, and conversion help you evaluate your performance for optimization.

Why Should Email Marketing Employ Automation

With the latest trends in the digital marketing space, it is easy to forget that email marketing plays an important role in shaping up the space. However, going by recent evolution technology, automating email marketing is set to advance the future of online marketing.

The key to keeping up with this fast-paced world is leveraging the power of automation for better marketing strategies. This is a game-changing facet to gain an edge in the ever-competitive industrial sector. 

By setting up timely and relevant campaigns for both existing and potential clients, you stand the chance of increasing the odds of boosting your response rates and subsequently, your conversion rates.

Sending customized messages is an effective email marketing automation strategy that ensures you get more subscriptions. Also, adding click-through and open buttons to your messages as well as evaluating your existing metrics for the right subscriber lists and trends helps you to provide better services to your current and potential subscribers.

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